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      With your Session

This is what I provide as a package for the price of every session.

Every photo is carefully selected and put on a DVD disc with minimal editing.

this disc can be made available to you to 

begin your own selection process.

Meanwhile I will continue to prepare the photos that are best suited for a finished product.


Then you will tell me about your favorites

and I will combine them with my choices onto a second disc.

Finally I will present you with a disc of finished photos plus a selection of 3 to 10

enlargements depending on the occasion.

This process can take 2 to 4 weeks.

Perhaps longer for a wedding.

Naturally you are welcome to purchase additional prints for as long as you like.

Please see the price list opposite this page.

Price List for Prints      

4 x 6 proofs                              10 for $7.00

5 x 7                                                      $7.00

8 x 10                                                 $10.00

8 x 12                                                  $10.00

11 x 14                                                $30.00

12 x 18                                                $30.00

20 x 30 poster print                        $50.00

24 x 36  poster print                        $60.00

Photobook                                      $250.00

(will require extra time)                                 

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